Thighland part i

After the constant party that was my first week in Thailand, I was happy to get on a plane headed for a detox in Chiang Mai. It was an adventure on its own, but it was also the first solo adventure I’ve ever had. I was instantly met with a more traditional city; bursting with culture and … More Thighland part i

Thighland part il

In the time I have not been posting anything, I have traveled to Thighland (ba dum ch) and started a new job- which I have been at for over a month now. I never said I was perfect, all I said is that I would be worth it *hair flip. The last time I blogged … More Thighland part il

Tea not coffee??!

I’ve been in Korea just shy of 2 months now, and I’m turning 26 next week. These are some experiences and moments in time that really make you stop and think some profoundly beautiful thoughts. Like, the person you used to be and the person you’re becoming. Where you were, where you think you’re going … More Tea not coffee??!